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Jean Price

Jean Price is a highly sought-after business thinker, transformational leader, and empowerment expert. She’s the CEO of Women Ignited Now LLC and emboldens professions to look for their purpose and maximize their potential.

With the use of proven principles, personal candor, and revolutionary insight, Jean customizes a Purpose Playbook that highlights specific steps required for the trajectory of the people and organizations that she coaches.

She is an expert at launching business executives and focuses on the development of the inner self to produce better outcomes. At the same time, Jean Price is a co-pastor of Bethel Christian Church, which is a Christian organization led by her husband, Senior Pastor Derek K. Price.

They have been married for 30+ years and have fostered a community of believers who aim to inspire God’s people to realize the possibilities of his Kingdom. Pastor Jean and Senior Pastor Derek are parents of three daughters and grandparents to a bounty of children.

Beyond the pulpit, Jean extends her help to broken women and young girls. She is the founder of Beginning Anew Community Development Corporation (BACDC), which focuses on rehabilitating these women and young girls after their traumatic experiences. She currently leading the work of creating a Women’s Shelter under the BACDC banner.

Jean Price is the author of two books, namely “Forgiveness the Key to Abundant Living” and “30 Days of Empowerment.”

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